Website Design

Let us build a website for your business that will make you look Sashtacular and Sashtastic! That means Awesome Sauce! Because you are already awesome!

We can take over your existing website and bring it up to date, optimize it with keywords, and make it look fresh again!

Yes, we do WordPress! But if you prefer, we can set you up on Blogger and Tumblr too.

Social Media Management

It’s not enough to just post stuff to your social media, you have to interact! Don't be shy! Better than just getting you more followers, we’ll get you followers who are passionate about your product and service.

Interacting with the right audience is our specialty, and we know some secrets many of our competitors don’t know about! Use the power of Sash to build a social media community!

Writing Services

Connect better with your target audience when you let us do the writing for you. Blogging, press releases, copywriting. Quality content Written by us! and keyword rich articles that attract attention and draw your customers in.

Seminar Speaking

Sash is a highly energized, highly vibrant speaker, covering topics on marketing, media, and inspiration. She draws from her years of living on the road and growing up in a motorcycle family, to inspire listeners to reach higher.
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Boldly Embrace Your Own Uniqueness!

Because you are special, because you are awesome, because there is no one else like you…
Let us help your business BE YOU!

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“Can Do” Marketing With a “Can Do” Attitude!

Too Much Tina is a marketing business with the power of Sash! We’re focused on results and committed to customer service. It’s knowing that we’ve helped you achieve your goals that rewards us the most.
  • Sashtastic website design and maintenance
  • Sashalicious social media management
  • Sashtabulous blog writing, copywriting, and press releases
  • Sasherific e-mail newsletter design and management
  • Sash Awesome marketing creativity
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It’s like a Stage 1 modification for your business!

  • Just bolt us on and experience a boost in your marketing
  • We’re safe and easy to implement, no assembly required
  • We automatically adjust to your altitude, no tuning necessary
  • We’re completely street legal in all 50 states!
  • Designed to work with all businesses, American or Metric
  • Comes in only one color, PINK!
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