Why Blogging Takes Up So Much Time


One the biggest reasons we hear from business people on why they don’t blog more often, is that they don’t have time.

But when we talk to them about it, we find that they’re actually spending too much time writing a single blog post. What’s going on is that they’re worried about getting everything right.

That is, they want to make sure they have all the keywords in place, the right title, linking to authoritative websites, a professional looking photo, the right number of words, etc. On top of that, they spend an equally amount of time promoting their new blog post on social media, in their newsletter, and getting other writers to link to it.

They’ve made blogging such a chore, that obviously they don’t have time to do it.

When it gets to be so labor intensive, then you need to simplify. Forget about the SEO, the effective titles, the outbound linking, and just WRITE!

Writing a new blog post is so important that you can’t afford not to do it. At least just write something and let your personality show through. Publishing new content is what your most loyal fans crave, and at the very least, keep this core group of followers fed. Eventually, the day will come when you feel far more energized to add in the SEO, and all the other tips and tricks to make a blog post effective.

But not blogging period, is just a big mistake.

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