One Size Does Not Fit All


I’ve never had much luck with anything that is one-size-fits-all. With clothing it has never worked because I’ve always been rubenesque (a nice word for curvy) and short, very short. When we were in Hawaii all of the sarongs I could find were one-size-fits-all. Long story short, I had to buy two of each color.

Of course, this applies to more than clothing. You see it everywhere in business. This “one-size concept” has it’s advantages. If something is made in a general manner without any customization, then it is affordable. The time it takes to make it is minimal. That’s why people usually buy these things. It kinda fits our needs and it’s worth the price.

I have been searching for some information about drop shipping for a client. I’ve never worked with a business that does drop shipping but my new client needs some insight, so I went looking for information online.

What I found was lots of vague information, all of which looked the same. Yes, it gave me some general insight, but it isn’t really answering all of my questions.

Have you ever had this happen on Pinterest? You type in a topic and you’ll see pin after pin of amazing looking titles, but when you click on the link you see the same tired information on every blog. It’s like they are all copying one another and trying to put their own spin on the same information.

That’s what I get with one-size-fits-all. Unless I want to spend time researching, I’m not going to get the answers I’m looking for. And that’s the same problem my client had. She’s concerned about a few of the legal aspects as well. I told my client that sometimes it is best to just consult an expert and pay for their advice. It will save a great deal of time and she will feel more confident that the information is accurate. For me, I want to talk with someone directly about something as important as my business. A video or a blog post are great to get me going in the right direction, but there’s no webinar that is going to give me the same piece of mind as talking directly to an expert.

Spending a few dollars to make sure your business is set up right in the first place can possibly save thousands of dollars in the long run.

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