Is Someone Stealing Your Images?


How do you find out if someone is stealing your images?

Google can tell you!

Google has robots with the ability to look at an image and find others that look just like it. This makes it easier find out if someone has published your photos and images without your consent. Here’s how…


google image search


Step 1. Use the “site:” operator to limit search results from just your domain name. For example, “”

Step 2. Click on “Images” in Google’s search results.

Step 3. Click on one of your images.


google image search


Step 4. Click on “Search by image”.


google image search


Step 5. Click on “All sizes”.


google image search


Step 6. The result shows you all the webpages that have published various sizes and edited versions of your image. Click on each one to investigate, and possibly write to them to complain.

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