A New Virgin Drink Recipe in Honor of Sash


A new virgin drink recipe was unveiled by bartenders in San Diego in honor of ¬†Sash’s upcoming 21st sobriety birthday.

Bartenders at Baja Betty’s, a nightly hotspot in the Hillcrest community of San Diego, teamed together to create a new virgin drink recipe based on Sash’s favorite soda, Ginger Ale, but mixed with cranberry and lime.

The “Sashtastic” was patterned after Sash’s frequent use of ginger ale and fruit to add some life into an old standby that she’s relied upon during her years of sobriety.

“Stefan and his staff of bartenders were so sweet to perfect this drink recipe for me”, Sash said in response to the new drink. “When you’re trying to stay sober, there’s just not many drink options aside from water and tea.”

To make a Sashtastic…

1 part ginger ale or ginger beer
1 part cranberry juice
1/2 fresh squeezed lime
1 slice of peeled ginger

Mix the ginger ale, cranberry juice, and lime together and shake. Pour into a glass of ice, and add the slice of ginger.

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