Marketing The Motorcycle Industry

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Helping business owners in the motorcycle industry to grow their visibility and customer base is my favorite thing to do. I love owning a business that helps others be productive, make money and work for themselves.

What we do is market these businesses and gain them visibility. Whether it is online, print, or on the air, we work to get them seen by their potential customers.

Not only do we market companies, we can teach them how to do it for themselves. Once we build a new website for them, or upgrade the one they already have, we evaluate their demographic and strategize a formula to get them seen.

One way we do that is by creating a Unique Selling Proposition. This is a process of questions and answers the client fills in, with our assistance, to create the Ideal Client. Once our client knows exactly who their customer is, knows their niche, they can focus their marketing.

*Tip: Don’t try to market to everyone. Niche down to a smaller market and then create advertising that appeals to them directly. A broad stroke approach may not appeal to anyone. The Riches are in the Niches.

We’ve worked with companies that provide motorcycle apparel, luggage, cosmetics, riding gear, specialized jewelry and motorcycle tires. We’ve promoted rallies, provided blog content, written and distributed press releases, created print materials, managed social media, and so much more.

For me, this is an area that is ever changing, ever growing, ever appealing. I love a challenge! The media landscape is fluid in many ways, but certain constants remain. With our experience as a team working in media and our incredible passion for motorcycling, marketing your business is what I enjoy doing most.

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