How Quora Can Boost Your Marketing

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Quora is a question and answer style of social media. Think of it as the B2C platform, whereas LinkedIn is the B2B.

I’ve been a casual user since 2011, but when I learned that it has enjoyed a boom of new users recently, I decided to step up my participation with answering other people’s questions. As it turns out, you can build your brand by answering questions on Quora, and even direct traffic to your website…

1. Use a consistent avatar: Use the same one use on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp. Using the same avatar across all channels will create immediate recognition (branding) from people who are familiar with you.

2. Link from your profile: Make sure your profile includes a link back to your business (no brainer).

3. Be the first to answer: Look for questions that don’t yet have an answer, or don’t have many answers. Take note that by answering first doesn’t mean your answer will always be at the top. Instead, Quora uses an “upvote” and “downvote” system to move the better answers to the top and worst answers to the bottom. But by answering early, your answers will enjoy more visibility (and more upvotes).

4. Add your credential when answering: You can set a default credential to appear next to your name on each of your answers. Make sure you mention your business name and position in the business (founder, president, director, etc.)

5. Add a signature to end of each answer: Hardly anyone does this, but why not? At the end of an answer, type out your name, position, business name, and website address (Quora automatically turns addresses into clickable links).

6. Use the pyramid format for answering: That is, start by answering the question using the most straightforward answer, in a single sentence, with as few words as possible. If it’s a yes or no question, answer it simply as “yes” or “no”, but in the next paragraph, go into detail. People want fast answers, and they don’t want to hunt for it.

7. Focus on one niche: This is because you want Quora to see you as an expert so that it will boost your visibility. On Quora, think of followers as peers. When these followers upvote your answers, it’s like being validated by a peer group. Quora uses complex equations to determine who are most qualified experts in any given niche, and it’s largely based on followers who themselves are qualified in your niche. If you try to answer lots of questions in lots of niches, you effectively “water yourself down”. Instead, focus one niche.

8. Be professional and qualified in your answers: The better your answers, the more upvotes you will receive, and the more people will follow you.

9. Follow other people: You can follow other people and see their questions and answers in your feed. But the more you interact with them, the more upvotes you will receive. Follow people in your business niche, don’t follow those from outside.

10. Don’t be spammy: Remember that Quora users can downvote your answers, which has the effect of lowering your overall authority. Thus, don’t post answers that do little more than promote your business. You can still promote yourself in ways that are more passive, and less intrusive, as long as you’re also providing authoritative, and useful answers.

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