5 Ways To Rev Up Your Social Media Strategy

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You’re doing it all for your small business; making the products, doing the bookkeeping, managing social media, shipping products, etc. You’re overwhelmed with everything you have to do. But the customers aren’t showing up and your social media isn’t growing a following.

You’re stuck. What do you do? Where in the world do you start?

There is so much information in the Wild Wild Web about marketing and social media strategy for your small business that it becomes a huge box of puzzle pieces.

To blog or not to blog. (The correct answer is Yes, blog!)

Should I write another post about my products/services? (The correct answer is No.)

If I’m not extolling the virtues of my product, what would I even talk about?

Therein lies the problem. I get it. I’ve seen it time and again. But don’t feel too bad because I don’t know one business owner who hasn’t been stuck. Not one.

I’m here to help!¬†Here’s a list of 5 REAL WAYS to start (or restart) marketing your business.

  1. Identify your Ideal Customer
    1. You probably think you know who buys your products. You are probably really confident that you know. But just in case, it doesn’t hurt to refresh your concept of EXACTLY who wants to buy. You need to know your buyer like she’s your best friend. Remember, you aren’t trying to sell to everyone who might buy your products. You’re trying to sell to the person who is most likely to buy your products.
  2. Create a Unique Selling Proposition
    1. Now that you know WHO your buyer is, you can determine how to speak to her. Your Unique Selling Prospective (USP) will put into words exactly what makes your product stand out from others in your industry. It puts that special spin, explains your personal flair, says, “Hey, this is why you want MY product.” Focus on the word Unique.
    2. I have a gift for you. I have your FREE worksheet to walk you through the steps to identify your ideal customer and write your Unique Selling Proposition. Click here to get your FREE download to get started.
  3. Create Your Social Media Strategy
    1. You know your buyer and you know what you want to say. Now you need to know where to say it. Does she spend time on Pinterest? Instagram? Facebook? Which platform is her favorite? Remember, we’re trying to keep this focused and concise, especially when you’re starting. So pick just one to start. You can expand after you have done some experimentation.
  4. Select a Social Media Strategy Management Tool
    1. It’s important to post on social media at the same time(s) everyday at the times that work best. Remaining consistent keeps followers engaged. But knowing what the best times are is a huge mystery. Remember that your business is unique, so what works for someone else just might not work for you. This requires experimenting and reviewing the results. A social media management tool will help you not only schedule posts, but it will analyze your data and give you reports on engagement.
    2. Consider tools such as Plann, MeetEdgar, HootSuite, Post Planner, etc. Most of them have free starter plans so you can try before you buy.¬† Do some research and select one that is easiest for YOU to use. If it’s too complicated you will become frustrated and probably abandon your efforts. Try and make this as easy as possible on yourself.
  5. Blog Strategically
    1. WAIT!! Don’t give up yet! I know, I know. I just said the most frustrating word known to business owners; blog. If you didn’t just mentally check out and you’re still here, give me a chance to explain.
    2. Now you know your buyer well and you can appeal to the motivating factor that gets her to make that purchase. You have already done the work to understand what makes her tick. That means you know what to say to her, whether you realize it or not.
    3. Select just one need you can fill and write a blog post about that topic, but not about your product. Here’s an example:
      1. “When Myra (ideal customer) rides her motorcycle her hair gets really tangled. Leslie, the owner of Wind Therapy Conditioners, sells a fantastic detangler for women who ride motorcycles. Instead of writing about her detangling product, Leslie is going to write a post about celebrities with long, gorgeous hair. She will use a few photos (royalty free) and rave about their lovely locks. She will ask the reader to suggest their favorite celebrity with fantastic hair.
        This will discuss the subject of long hair but not have anything to do with selling anything.
    4. Once you have your blog post written you’ll have something to post on your social media.

Now you have a starting point. You know who you are talking to, what you want to say to her, where to find her and something that will interest her. Starting is always the hardest part. Once you have one post that is getting a little traffic, you’ll be inspired to write more!

Still struggling? Well, don’t give up yet. Keep this momentum going with my Complete Blog Content Strategy Kit. It will provide you very detailed step-by-step instructions to write enough blog posts for an entire year! Seriously! You will become a Blogging Machine!

I love comments and I PROMISE I will respond, so let me know how it’s going. Tell me what I can do to help you further. I’m always listening.

You can do this!

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