Nadine Lajoie Joins Up With Sash!

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Nadine Lajoie, award winning entrepreneur, speaker, best selling author, and champion motorcycle racer, will be joining us at our next marketing seminar “12 Marketing Mistakes You’re Making”, on Monday, December 9, 2013.

Nadine Lajoie (pronounced lage-wah) was retired as a millionaire at age 41. She went on to become a champion motorcycle racer, as well as a radio host and co-founder of “Teen CEO Reality TV Show”. She currently trains entrepreneurs worldwide to achieve high performance success, helping them put their business and life on the fast track, with her “Prosperity R.A.C.I.N.G System to your Dreams” (TM) program. Featured on USA Today, ABC, FOX and CBS Money Watch, Nadine Lajoie is the best-selling author of “Win The Race of Life”, a four-times Book Award finalist in USA and UK. She also co-authored with Les Brown, on his #1 best-sellin book: ”Fight for your Dreams”. Nadine was featured in magazines along with Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and Zig Ziglar and was featured on stage with Jamie Lee Curtis, Les Brown, Marcia Cross, Jeane Houston, Marianne Williamson. Michael B. Beckwith, Dr. John Gray, Adam Markel, Berny Dohrmann, just to name a few.

12 Marketing MistakesWe’re pleased to announce that Our seminar, “12 Marketing Mistakes You’re Making” teaches marketers and business people what marketing strategies typically are under utilized or not utilized at all. With an emphasis on Internet-based marketing, our seminar is designed to refresh your entrepreneurial minds on several key tools that can drive more customers to your business and keep them coming back.

Seating is limited, so please RSVP now by e-mailing us at “” and mention you want to attend the “12 Marketing Mistakes” seminar on December 17.

What: 12 Marketing Mistakes You’re Making with Tina Walker and Nadine Lajoie.
When: Monday, December 9, 2013, 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Cost: $20.00 per person
Where: Rilynn Professional Building
27070 Sun City Blvd
Menifee, CA 92584

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